Art and Resistance Film Series Debut @ PSU

November 23, 2010

The first installment of B Medi’as Art and Resistance series debuts at the Smith Memorial Student Union.

B Media has released the first installments of their Art and Resistance series, a mini-documentary series exploring the intersection of art and activism in the Americas.   The shorts follow everyone from grafitti artists in Mexico to street musicians in Venezuela,  and explores their use of art  to challenge the culturally hegemonic world imposed upon them by the media and corporate globalization.  The films expose the modern day warriors of the fourth world war, and the efficacy and power of a creative culture in the struggle for social justice around the world.

The series will be screened at PSU this weekend in Smith Memorial Student Union.

The B Media Collective is a social justice community media collective in Portland OR with roots in the Portland Central America Solidarity Committee.  We stand in solidarity with people’s movements around the world by providing local media coverage of actions overlooked by the conglomerates, proactively covering organizations and people with good ideas committed to social justice, linking the local with the national and the international, and providing skill-based teach-ins to empower people to be the tellers of their own stories.

poster for art and resistance film series

poster for art and resistance film series