BMC#11: Ripping, Remix and Reel Revolution

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Fall community workshops and new video releases, woohoo!
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Fall Community Workshops–OROR Fest –Aqui Estamos y No Nos Vamos Video Release–Finite the Film–Experimental Film Festival Finale–“Revolutionary Medicine” with PCASC and Jesse Freeston –Trayvon Martin Rally–Video DJ for Filastine

Fall Community Workshops: Ripping, Remix & Reel Revolution

B Media is joining forces with OROR Fest – an experimental un-festival celebrating independent art and technology made in Portland –with a series of community workshops this September 27-29th. Join us for a weekend of free discussions about the intersection of art and activism, low-cost workshops on remix tips and tricks, how to write a a synopsis for a film, DIY action film making tips, and an evening of films and shorts. Read more about the workshops, the schedule, and sign up in advance to reserve your spot .  As promised, if you’re a sustainer pledging $10 or more/month to B Media, then you can attend one workshop for free.

Video Release: Aqui Estamos y No Nos Vamos

B Media documented the historic march for immigrant rights that took place around Oregon in February. Watch our 22 minute documentary of the bus tour, it’s participants, and the church arson that occurred mid-tour, eerily reminiscent of resistance to civil rights era organizing. Immigrants are clearly continuing the struggle in the 21st century.

Report-back: Finite Film Preliminary Filming in Montana, North Dakota

This June, BMC member Nat Needham went on a three week journey to Wyoming, Montana and North Dakota with fellow film maker and intrepid explorer Trip Jennings. They are working on “FINITE”, a film that follows the trail of rapidly expanding energy extraction points in the Northern Midwest, through farms and Native land and communities, to existing and proposed mega-export terminals in the Pacific Northwest. The film explores the changing face of the American West, and the devastating environmental impacts our continued dependency on fossil fuels is wrecking. Expect more updates on the film’s progress soon, and learn about the growing resistance to energy export terminals here.

Video Release: Exquisite Corpse Comes Alive

B Media worked with the 2013 Experimental Film Festival in Portland to curate a participatory remix game throughout the festival entitled “A Symphonic Exquisite Corpse.” Participants had 100 hours to remix stock footage B Media curated loosely around themes of Head, Hand, Feet, Body and Spirit. The final piece is an 18 minute remix film made by incorporating all of the submissions. Read more about the collaborative project and watch the final Exquisite Corpse here.

Jesse Freeston Film “Revolutionary Medicine” Screening a Success

B Media collaborated with PCASC  and Jesse Freeston to bring his film about a revolutionary Garifuna hospital in Honduras to Portland. Over 50 people showed up for the event, which featured a director’s talk, and a kickoff for Freeston’s West Coast Tour. Learn more about the documentary film set in post-coup Honduras here.

Video Release: Trayvon Martin Rally

After the “not guilty” verdict for George Zimmerman, the man that shot and killed Trayvon Martin, an unarmed 17 year old African American youth, people around the country gathered to commemorate Trayvon’s life and voice their outrage at the violence and impunity of a system that has devastated so many lives. Watch a short video documenting Portland’s response to his murder here.

VJing for Filastine Concert at Alhambra Theatre = Awesome

B Media had an awesome time VJing for Japperwock, DJ Anjali, Global Ruckus, and Dan Cin at the Filastine concert this past August.  We enjoyed live remixing so much that we want to do it more. If you have a concert or event you want rad projections behind, email us at

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