Kickstarting Radix Media

Want to get your hands on some sick, sick, Portland produced radical media? (And/Or) want to help grow our own capacity to share stories, information and know how?

Our friends at Radix Media are getting a printing press up and running to provide DIY, independent printing options for those of you who are sick of Kinkos and korporate kontrol. They need our help! If you pledge to donate some much needed mullah towards the cause, they will kick down some cool print in return. Find out more here or donate to their cause on the Kickstart Radix Media window our left-hand sidebar.

We whole heartedly support this endeavor as we feel it will enrich, diversify and strengthen Portland’s independent media landscape thus empowering ourselves and providing examples of alternatives to others. In the mean time, check out the awesome promotional for their press:

We will also be having a benefit at The Variant towards the end of November–date and time TBA… Stay tuned an donate while you can!

For more information: