National Day of Action Against Racism and Fascism

July 31: Community members to rally against Racism and Fascism in Portland

On Saturday, July 31 at 2:00 p.m., community members will rally in the North Park Blocks at the corner of NW Burnside and NW Park for the national Day of Action Against Racism and Fascism. This event is being sponsored locally by Rose City Anti-fascists, Sisters of the Road, Rose City Copwatch, and Bring the Ruckus, and nationally by over 20 organizations. Over 150 community members will come together for this day of action in direct response to recent racist and fascist activity in Portland, Oregon.

During the early morning hours of March 27, a Portland anti-racist activist was shot in what appears to be a well orchestrated attack.  The attackers were members of the neo-Nazi movement. The police have responded by investigating antiracist activists while the would-be killers roam

The March 27 shooting occurred within a context of increasing Right wing racist, homophobic, and fascist organizing and activity. The current economic conditions have created a situation in which overt racists and white supremacists have felt emboldened to act publicly, attacking communities of color and other perceived enemies. From self-proclaimed Nazis patrolling the US border to Tea Party activists who have repeatedly expressed racist views, it is clear that community members must push back directly and strongly against any forms of racism or fascism in our

This Saturday will be a time for the people of Portland to rally against racism and fascism in our community.

For more info on the July 31 Call to Action, see: Rose City Antifa:

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