Pacific North West People’s Movement Assembly Check in.

Illuminated by a single light in the back room of Media Island International, we (the collective we) gathered to discuss our role, as people from the Pacific North West, in the upcoming US Social Forum and People’s Movement Assembly.

With over 20 present from Portland, Olympia and Seattle, representing a whole host of amazing organizations from the region, this mini convergence allowed us to check in face to face before heading to Detroit. It will be big.

There was lots of excitement surrounding the unique opportunity to broaden and deepen our personal and organizational relationships during the conferences, particularly for those of us travelling on the Cascadia Freedom Caravan. We will be together for 2 weeks with many hours of travelling to discuss where we come from, what we believe, what we want to see happen and how to go about doing it.

By the end of the meeting, people had re-affirmed their interest in establishing a convergence space that will allow us to continue building local and regional relationships, to act in solidarity with the people of Detroit and to continue organizing, networking and acting on our return to the North West.

It was encouraging to see all the energy and organizing people have put into preparations for the Social Forum and it will be exciting to see what comes of it.

To all those that attended: WORD.