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This week on Its The End Of The World As We Know It And I Feel Fine we have a number of things goin’ on round town. Of particular interest is the case of Alex Hundert, an organizer of Toronto’s G20 protest, who is has been arrested (again!) for uhh… speaking… at a conference at a university. The authorites have tried to ban him from organizing and have only allowed him to see his girlfriend under the unseeing eye of the state. He is quoted on Democracy Now! with the interview from this episode.

Additionally, Anarchists Against the Wall, a group of Israeli… well, anarchists… talks about ongoing actions by brave activists in Israel and Occupied Territories to break down rascist walls that governments and nations have built with hate and fear.

And then there’s Holy! Holy! Holy!, a local portland band with an awesome political video mashup of machines of death.

Check Check it!

Und ‘ere iz ze stim’s sources:

1. Boneheads in Belgrade
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4. French lessons for Americans
5. No freedom of speech in KKKanada
6. FBI’s new collegiate dictionary
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8. Holy! Holy! Holy!
9. Anarchists Against the Wall