March 25, 2011


B Media offers a series of workshops for your union, organization, or  community that is designed to make you better equipped to share your  story, campaign, or history. Teaching through collaboration and a strong belief in the full body learning experience, B Media incorporates games and excercises  from Theatre of the Oppressed and improv comedy to teach you the skills your need to know. We only work with organizations who’s message we believe in, so get in touch if you’re interested in buffing up your groups skills and are doing good work.


Half-Day Skill Share:

Social Media 101: Basics for setting up a blog, uploading and downloading to YouTube, and integrating social media into your organization.

Remix 101: Learn about and make a mini political remix video. For people with familiarity making videos who want to take it to the next level.

Two-Day Skill Share: Learn camera basics and interview skills, film a sequence about an issue, group or event in your community, edit and put it online. The workshop uses whole body experiences and games inspired by Theatre of the Oppressed to engage people with the basic principles of making your own media. For groups of up to 10.


Re-write Culture: A Philosophy and Primer for Political Remix Videos: Learn about Fair Use, how to rip movies off the Internet, why to do it, and what sort of messages you can re-message once you do.

Transforming Culture: Intersection of Art and Activism in the Americas Five modern day artist collectives in Latin America and their direct effect on the transformation of their communities through art.

Community Media as a Model for Community Organizing: The role of community media in transforming communities through the process and product of creating our own media.

Film Screenings:

Art and Resistance: Two ½ hour films on art and activism in Latin America, followed by discussion on how the ideas generated by the artists in the film and the teach-in can be applied in your community. Teach-in on community media movement in Venezuela and how they are models for community organizing and radical social transformation.

Solidarity Shorts: Selected shorts about issues of social justice ranging from student movements, police brutality, to homelessness action. Discussion of points of solidarity between our communities facilitated by the film topics. Teach-in on basic skills for making your own political remix videos.


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