Willamette Week Features B Media’s Fluoride Hitler Meme

B Media jumped into the cultural meme game with a parody of Hitler advocating for fluoride in Portland’s public water system. The debate over fluoridating Portland’s water system will come to a vote this month.  Read what the WWeek had to say about the film parody.

In terms of fluoridation, B Media’s core beliefs are rooted in the power and necessity of transformative, community-led change. As a result, we fundamentally disagree with Measure 26 –151 requiring the fluoridation of Portland’s public water system because it 1) was mandated by city council without intentional space for democratic discussion 2) creates adverse externalities in the environment , and 3) is a superficial “cure” to Portland’s oral health problem. The fluoridation of Portland’s water system sets a dangerous precedent for unilateral decision making without public consent, for the continued and irreversible manipulation of natural resources by man, and for skewing and avoiding the real cure for oral health problems –universal free health care.  Our bottom line: Cavities roots are in capitalism and corn syrup. Treat the poverty system, not the water system.