BMC #6: Building Cultural Bridges, Street Stories Festival, Occupy

The last time we talked it was two days before Occupy Portland started. A mere two months later the landscape of social justice movements has dramatically shifted locallly, nationally and around the world and a whole new world of possibilities has seemingly opened up. We’ve seen things happen in a matter of days that many thought we may never see in our lifetimes. Hundreds of encampments with tens of thouands of participants springing up in every corner of the US and the world, the first city-wide general strike in the US since 1946 in Oakland, the spread of directly democratic assemblies as a movement wide desicion making structure, student strikes, along with emerging campaigns to occupy and/or defend foreclosed properties and organizing only the second shut down of all major West Coast ports since 1934. All this swirling around this nebulous constellation of struggles, organizations and individuals we call Occupy.