B Media Chosen for Live VJ Set at Filastine Event

B Media will be doing a live VJ set for five local acts at the Filastine concert this coming Saturday, August 17, 2013.  Japperwock, DJ Anjeli and the Incredible Kid, Dan Cin, Global Ruckus and other well-known Portland DJ’s will be spinning sets as we live mix experimental video art onstage.

For more information and to get tickets: https://www.facebook.com/events/559022400826441/

The main act is Grey Filastine, an audio-visual artist born in Los Angeles, based in Barcelona, but most often nomadic.  He composes a dense transnational bass music that collides the low frequenciy pressure of dubstep with high-level beat science, acoustic strings and voices. Filastine uses percussion to fire off sounds and synchronized video from a heap of electronics wired to an amplified shopping cart.  He will be joined onstage by Indonesian vocalist Nova or one of the collaborating cellists from the album. You may have seen them at a respected euro-fest like Sónar, in a sweaty Hong Kong nightclub, playing a football stadium in Casablanca, or touring the US alongside Beats Antique or Bassnectar.  Before making electronic music Filastine played with the Infernal Noise Brigade, a marching band he founded for the Battle of Seattle. He continues to use sound as a tool for political intervention with the Sound Swarm, an orchestra of
bike-mounted megaphones conducted by pirate radio transmitters.

His work is described as “the prototype of globalized urban sound” -Prefix Mag, and “awesome and delicate…hybrids so fluent they defy classification” -Pitchfork
Here’s an example of a remix piece we already made to one of Filastine’s songs: