Comandante Hugo Chavez Lives

Since the death of Hugo Chavez, op-eds have been continuing their international mis-communication, while people on the ground have been solidifying their understanding of the revolution. What most outsiders don’t understand about the Bolivarian Revolution, is that it was not about Chavez: while he was fundamental to the revolution, he was most importantly the catalyst Read more about Comandante Hugo Chavez Lives[…]

Wikileaks and the Empire’s Web with Eva Golinger

The Portland Central American Solidarity Committee (PCASC) presents author and Wikileaks expert Eva Golinger on her U.S. speaking tour. Come hear her expose secrets of U.S. foreign policy about Latin America.

La Cultura Underground– A B Media Collective Original

Underground Culture follows independent street musicians through the subway system of modern day Venezuela. Focusing on their effort to unite and form a collective to legally play on the Metro cars, it discusses their project within the context of a society 10 years after the socialist revolution of Chavez. Through improvised songs, discussions with Metro officials, and interviews with Metro passengers and rappers alike, the film provides insight into the nature of modern day Venezuela and the pockets of independent underground culture that have developed in recent years.

Arte y Resistencia at PSU–Film Screening and Teach In

Join us for 2 days of films, discussion and teach ins @ Portland State. The B Media Collective has released the first installments of their Art and Resistance series! Day ONE – Monday, November 29th: 1-3pm, SMSU 296 Day TWO – Tuesday, November 30th 7-9pm, SMSU 294 ……——————————————————– The ART AND RESISTANCE Film Series is Read more about Arte y Resistencia at PSU–Film Screening and Teach In[…]

Revolutionizing the Revolution– A Bmedia Original

It’s official! Tiuna el Fuerte: Revolutionizing the Revolution, a Bmedia original we shot in Venezuela is here on your very own computer… So check check it!

Revolutionizing the Revolution is a documentary short following the hip-hop collective Tiuna el Fuerte, a local community collective that uses art, music and culture to transform the barrio of El Valle in Caracas, Venezuela. Situated on an old parking lot they developed into a cultural park using reclaimed materials, Tiuna el Fuerte now hosts a hip-hop school, a youth orchestra, a mobile community radio, and serves as an example for an alternative space for the community. The space is a “nucleus of endogenous cultural development,” exemplifying the concept of local development of the people, for the people, by the people that finds its roots in modern day Venezuela.

South of the Border, 101: Taught by Professor Gaddis and Oliver Stone. Course Description: watch the movie, listen to me talk, learn a little about some big men (and a woman).

By Amanda Eckerson John Gaddis, world famous Yale historian on the Cold War, has a thing for foreign leaders. A big thing. By the semester’s end of his oh-so-sought-after undergraduate class, his propensity to talk about Mao’s interest in cigar smoking, or Gorbachev’s anxiety about public appearances, leaves students 1) entertained and 2) concluding that Read more about South of the Border, 101: Taught by Professor Gaddis and Oliver Stone. Course Description: watch the movie, listen to me talk, learn a little about some big men (and a woman).[…]

Venezuela community media delegation to come to AMC/USSF

Katrina Kozarek of Voces Urgentes and Leo Sanchez of Radio Hato Arriba Libre, two members of independent community media collectives associated with ANMCLA (Association of Independent and Alternative Community Media) will be participating at the Allied Media Conference and the US Social Forum.  The group will be participating with the Medios Caminantes spanish language track Read more about Venezuela community media delegation to come to AMC/USSF[…]

Northwest Solidarity Conference

B Media was part of the first Northwest Solidarity Conference this weekend. The conference was held at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, and had over 80 participants from the Northwest and Canada. Keynote speakers included Carlos Martinez of “Venezuela Speaks,” Jesse Freeston of The Real News Network. In addition to teach ins on topics Read more about Northwest Solidarity Conference[…]