Flying Focus Video Collective turns 20!

Portland Oregon’s very own Flying Focus Video Collective has been around for a while –check out some of the original community media makers in town

“The Flying Focus Video Collective recently marked its 20th year of producing documentary-style cable television programming about progressive issues and organizations. Core members, including PC Peri and Dan Handelman, have documented so many events, speeches and actions that their catalogue of video reads like a modern history of Portland — and the world.

The group was born during the presidency of George H. W. Bush, when Portland’s downtown streets saw the biggest demonstrations in the city’s history up to that time – as many as 10,000 people protesting against the U.S.’s first invasion of Iraq. The Skanner News spoke to video journalist Peri about the collective’s work, and how the newest chapter of Portland’s activist community, the Occupy Movement – which has triggered protests as big as those in the early 90s – is signaling a sea change in the medium of film.”

-Lisa Loving for the Skanner