Reportback: March for One Oregon Immigrant Rights Tour

From March 5th-9th B Media Collective member Tim Rice accompanied the March for One Oregon bus tour through Eastern Oregon, Idaho and Washington, acting as the main videographer documenting the actions along the way and interviewing participants about their reason for being part of the tour.

The March for One Oregon was a collaborative effort between the Rural Organizing Project, PCUN, CAUSA, United Farm Workers and organizations along the way. It served as a catalyzing event to rally Latino and white ally communities in 9 different cities to intensify the fight for immigrant rights, particularly putting pressure on Oregon Congressman Greg Walden to do more to get a comprehensive immigration reform passed in Washington, and the restoration of drivers licenses for undocumented workers on a local level.

In each town we visited we were greeted by hundreds of supporters, music, dancing, amazing food and welcoming host organizations. Each public event featured testimonies from immigrants and supporters who shared very personal and often heart wrenching stories of the struggles they have endured trying to make a home in this country.

During the tour we were shocked by an incident that effected one of our host organizations, the night after our first event at Trinity Episcopal Church in Bend an arsonist set fire to the church. The March for One Oregon has been careful not to jump to conclusions, but the proximity of the arson fire to our visit was extremely suspicious.

The footage gathered during the tour is currently being edited into a short documentary that we will be releasing within the next month.