BMC#11: Ripping, Remix and Reel Revolution

*Newsletter 11*   Fall community workshops and new video releases, woohoo! Look at the purdy pictures by viewing this in your browser.   Fall Community Workshops–OROR Fest –Aqui Estamos y No Nos Vamos Video Release–Finite the Film–Experimental Film Festival Finale–“Revolutionary Medicine” with PCASC and Jesse Freeston –Trayvon Martin Rally–Video DJ for Filastine Fall Community Workshops: Read more about BMC#11: Ripping, Remix and Reel Revolution[…]

B Media community film screening with Jesse Freeston (and friends)

On July 31st B Media teamed up with Canadian video journalist Jesse Freeston and the Portland Central America Solidarity Committee to present an evening of Latin American related short films.¬† The event took place¬† at the Community Supported Everything Guildhall on 16th and Alberta and brought out 30-40 social justice film fans for a night Read more about B Media community film screening with Jesse Freeston (and friends)[…]

Supporting Campesino Struggles in Honduras

Implementing their own direct democracy, not just voting for politicians.

Recognizing women, men, and youth as equal leaders, not just constituencies.

Planting crops to feed Hondurans, not just for export.