Create Abate

Here’s the last of the “singles” from Freedumb Fries. This short covers the recent targeting of graffiti artists and unauthorized murals by Portland’s Graffiti Abatement Department. Featured are members of the ArtsBase, Samo Lives Gallery, director of the Graffiti Abatement Department, and volunteers with the Railyard Gallery, who feel that they were targeted for eviction Read more about Create Abate[…]

Bring it to the Streets

Coming to a wall near you! Check back at the site before Last Thursday each month, or sign up on our announcement email list to know where we’ll be doing showings.

Bake Bloc @ Last Thursday

Bakesale update: We made 373 dollars at the Last Thursday Bake sale. Woohoo! On to Detroit… Members of the Cascadia Freedom Caravan are hosting a BAKE BLOCK to raise money for the Caravan tomorrow at Last Thursday on Alberta Street during the monthly Art Walk event.  The group will be staked out on the corner Read more about Bake Bloc @ Last Thursday[…]