B Media Collective
radical films, political remix videos, skill-shares from PDX


Multi-Media BikeCar: We operate a mobile studio and cinemas through our open air multi-person bicycle with mounted projector and video camera. The bike is made from recycled bike parts, and can take interviewees on a ride, cover actions, and do public film screenings. The Bikecar was built by local social business Rejuiced Bikes, and is the main engine for making B Media’s news coverage alternative, accessible, and engaging.

Building Cultural Bridges: This collaborative learning curriculum is built around is a community-led project to make a film about the experience of coming to America. The project is a co-creative experience: through a process of community meetings, collective brainstorming, media skill-shares on everything from camera work to uploading to the internet, the resulting film and YouTube story depository is designed for any community to document both their learning process and their story. B Media is working on this project with Portland Community Media, the Coalition for Intercultural Organizing, and the East Portland Action Plan.

B Media “Variety” Show: A monthly roundup of documentary shorts made by Portlanders about issues you don’t see or hear on corporate media sites, balanced by positive ideas and organizations working on issues of social justice, and an assortment of artistic pieces. Airs on Portland Community Media and in public screenings around town. Issues covered include: immigrant organizing, police brutality, student organizing.

Art and Resistance Film Series: A collection of video shorts focused on different artist collectives around the Americas using culture as a tool for radical social transformation. From street musicians and hip-hop artists in Venezuela, to graffitti artists in Mexico, the mini-documentaries focus on how people are actively using their creativity to challenge the status quo and empower their communities.

Cascadia Freedom Caravan: A cross-country trip spearheaded by B Media that took 28 local social justice activists to Detroit, Michigan for the Allied Media Conference and the US Social Forum. The event was a multi-media in-situ experiment documenting the process, travel, and conference through blog posts, photography, and video. Final exhibition featured on the road filming, investigative pieces on Detroit, and a final film and gallery show.

Grassroots Media Convergence: Annual conference between media makers and community members focused on the discussion and creation of alternative, community created media intended to catalyze and facilitate local collaboration. The three-day conference includes presentations and skill-shares.