Blood on the Tracks at Democracy Now!

You’ve probably seen our short piece we did for Brian Willson’s book tour: But here is an hour long interview with him on Democracy Now! that is both harrowing and inspiring (we helped send the B-roll footage to the DN! producers):

Cascadia to Cairo Global Solidarity Rally

As things continue to unravel in Egypt, as the plot thickens and the people’s resolve hardens, global actions have occured around the world to let the people of Egypt know they are not alone. We are all looking to them. If you are interested in making any films about Egypt, check out Al Jazeera’s creative Read more about Cascadia to Cairo Global Solidarity Rally[…]

Some more subMedia.

This week on Its The End Of The World As We Know It And I Feel Fine we have a number of things goin’ on round town. Of particular interest is the case of Alex Hundert, an organizer of Toronto’s G20 protest, who is has been arrested (again!) for uhh… speaking… at a conference at Read more about Some more subMedia.[…]