December 3, 2010

Sustain Us

As a community media collective, our goal is to be community supported, which is why we have a sustainer program.  Every sustainer will enable us to offer free and low-cost services to individuals in need; you can also elect to use your pledge for us to specifically produce content for an organization or issue of your choice. Check out the options, then choose one from the drop down menu below:

Support Community Media

Sustainers get the following perks:

Emilo Zapata: $36/year ($3/month)

-A real or “stage name” on our producer credits
-A hand-collaged thank you card (collectors item!)

Sojourner Truth: $60/year ($5/month)
-A real or “stage name” on our producer credits
-A limited edition B Media DVD

Arundhati Roy: $120/year ($10/month)
-All of the above
-Free pass to local or online skill-building workshop
(ie: DSLR, Remix Video editing, Photoshop)

Tupac Amaru: $240/year ($20/month)
-All of the above
-Invitation to annual B Media Creative Brunch
-B Media coverage of an event/issue of your choice

Toussaint L’Ouverture: $420/year ($35/month)
-All of the above
-A promo video for an organization’s mission or important campaign

Comandante Ramona: $600/year ($50/month)
-All of the above
-A 3 hour workshop for your organization
Emma Goldman: $1200/year ($100/month)
-All of the above
-Intensive media training workshop for you or an organization of your choice
-Full year retrospective of DVD’s