May 21, 2013

EFF Download

If you have not received a DVD at one of the Experimental Film Festival’s (EFF) events or venues, you can also download the content from this page.

All the media files are in the links below. The Head, Hands, Body, Feet and Spirit each embody different movements in the Exquisite Corpse‘s dance to, and on, the 100 year anniversary of Igor Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring.” Click on  1 of the 5 aspects of the Corpse and save the .zip files to your computer (note: the files are between 1 and 2 gigabytes — they will take time to download.) Do NOT download more than one body part –this will overload our server.  What you grab first is what you’ve got.

Download Head

Download Hands

Download Body

Download Feet

Download Spirit

Unzip the file you downloaded to access the audio and video files as well as the instructions and MPEG Streamclip, an excellent open source video converter that might come in handy. Make sure you read the guidelines in the how to text document as they are essential for this corpse to live.

Time to get mashing– you only have till 11:59pm on May 24th to make your magic!




Once you have finished editing, make sure your video is the correct format as specified in the instructions. Upload it to us via the web uploader below. We will sew your appendage into the corpse and have it walking by Sunday, May 26th– bring your friends and come see it at the Clinton Street Theater @ 7pm.


Thank you for your time, work and art. We hope you enjoyed the process and that we will see you at the Clinton St. Theater Sunday May 26th @ 7pm!

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