Exquisite Corpse Remix Game at EFF Portland

B Media is collaborating with the EFF Portland Film Festival to bring the public a participatory remix game during the second annual festival.  “A Symphonic Exquisite Corpse” is the name of the game, and the public can help remix found footage to different parts of Stravinksy’s “The Rite of Spring.” B Media is providing the content and the instructions for how to play –they’re even providing laptops for you to work on at the festival’s Homebase.   Each remix submission will be strung together in a finale at the Clinton Street Theatre on Sunday, May 26 @ 4 pm.

EFFPortland is in its second year, and this year is based on the same framework and momentum, maintaining the core value of connecting the rich landscape of local makers to the vast and bright world of experimental media across the country and beyond both coasts.

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Watch this short promo to understand the game: