Fall Community Workshops: Ripping, Remix and Reel Revolution

B Media is hosting a series of low-cost remix workshops open to the public the weekend of September 27-29th. The workshops are being held in conjunction with the OROR Fest , an experimental unfestival celebrating independent art and technology made in Portland, OR.
About the workshops:

Participation in the workshops will be sliding scale for single workshop or full weekend passes, with current or new B Media sustainers participating for free. Topics include how to search through and download archival footage, DIY filming tips and tricks, and advanced editing for remix videos.

Cost: $10-25 sliding scale/workshop. $25-$75 for the whole weekend. Opening and Closing events are FREE. The workshops will be capped at 10 people, with room for 5 walk ups.

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All events will occur at the Community Supported Everything Guildhall, 1625 NE Alberta.

Check out the Calagator event listing for all the details.

Weekend Workshop Schedule:

Friday, September 27th

7 pm: Opening Night, “Art + Activism:” A participatory discussion about the transversal connecting art and activism. What is the purpose of film? Can it actually change society? Does the process matter as much as the final product? This introduction to different artist collectives, critical theory, and short films explores the role of film in movements for social justice. FREE.

Saturday, September 28th

11 am-1 pm: How to Be a Video Ninja

Tips and tricks for film making on the go, from a gear check list to DIY light set ups, knowing your rights, and quick ways to get the word out using social media. Register now.

3 pm- 5 pm: Surfing the Archive

Found footage is a fundamental part of a great remix. Discover the basics of remix video, the best online archives, and how to download and convert footage from the internet for your film. Register now.

Sunday, September 29th

11 am- 1 pm: Writing a Video Treatment

Learn how to visualize and articulate a great idea into a three-minute film. Come with an idea you keep having, and we’ll collaborate on molding it to reach the next phase. Register now.

3 pm -5 pm: Remix/Mixer

Designed for people familiar with Final Cut or an editing program, we’ll explore some of the key tricks for making your film look hot, from syncing with music, adding effects, and splicing.Note: Computer with editing software required (six provided for use–note if you need to use one on registration) Register now.

8-11 pm: Closing Night, “Film/Fact/Fiction.” Outdoor film screening of shorts and strange films, chosen from different genres of activist filmmaking. Edify yourself with short documentaries, on the ground reporting, participatory YouTubing, avante garde cinema, and surrealist films. FREE

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Print out the info:

Reel Rev workshop infoposter

Reel Rev workshop infoposter