As 25,000 people protesting for their rights surround the Capitol building in Madison Wisconsin, today, Obama is preparing for his Portland/Hillsboro budget Bonanza tomorrow. The president is slated to visit the Hillsboro Intel plant to deliver inspiring speeches to a tech sector badly needing an overhaul. Ironically, the Obama administration also is the in process of ramming the Korea Free Trade Agreement (KFTA) through Congress and under the radar of most Americans. According to the U.S. International Trade Commission’s official study on the KFTA projects will increase the U.S. trade deficit in electronics — a category that includes sectors like semiconductors and solar panels — by $762 – 790 million. Do the workers at Intel know what this could mean for them?

Its time to look outside of “bubble” America and realize that we are all connected–in more ways than we know. We should look to examples in the Egypt and Tunisia to how people can put aside their differences, see the strength in solidarity and struggle against corporate greed and unaccountable government. We live in an atomized and segregated society that has slipped in complacency and brutalized by a culture of fear. It is heartening to see the rising wave in Wisconsin where people are out the hypocricy of those with power and realizing YES WE CAN.

As community media makers, this video is our little part of helping connect the dots between the local and global struggles for social justice. By deconstructing the lines that governments, corporations, and media machines draw between all of us people, we hope that the bi-polar nature of  this spectacle will be that much more exposed.   We hope that you laugh and learn, and little by little, that we’ll all get closer to standing up and rallying like the workers in Madison and the people of Egypt.


YOU CAN TOO! Check out the Press Event & Rally during Obama’s Visit TOMORROW!

Mr. President: Oregon Can’t Afford Another Job-Killing Trade Deal
Speak Out Against the Korea Free Trade Agreement — the Largest Since NAFTA

Friday, February 18 * 9:30 – 11:00 am

Main Gate at Intel’s Ronler Acres Facility
2501 NW 229th Ave
Hillsboro, Oregon

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