May 14, 2013

Exquisite Corpse

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Welcome to the Symphonic Exquisite Corpse, a participatory video remix game curated by B Media Collective for EFF Portland, the 2013 Experimental Film Festival.

The game is open to artists and the general public, who will be given 100 hours to remix a selection of clips loosely based around 1 of 5 themes (head, hands, body, feet, spirit). All of the submissions turned in by 11:59 on May 24th will be featured in EFF’s very own exquisite corpse at the Clinton Street Theater Sunday, May 26th at 7 pm, the final event of the festival.

You can download the media content from this page or pick up a DVD at one of the Experimental Film Festival’s (EFF) events or venues.

Playing is simple: below are “grabbag” categories featuring 1) an eclectic selection of video clips scoured from the interwebs, and 2) a section of Igor Stravinsky’s”The Rite of Spring” that will form your soundtrack. You will be told which clip to start and end on –but what you remix in between is up to you.

To participate, download 1 of the 5 aspects of the Corpse and save the .zip files to your computer (Note: the files are between 1 and 2 gigabytes — they will take time to download.) Do NOT download or sneak peeks at more than one body part –this will overload our server, and ruin the fun. What you grab first is what you get.

Download Head

Download Hands

Download Body

Download Feet

Download Spirit

Unzip the file you downloaded to access the audio and video files as well as the instructions and MPEG Streamclip, an excellent open source video converter that might come in handy. Make sure you read the guidelines in the “How To” text document also located within the zip file, as they are essential for this corpse to live. Also, please take the time to register your participation so we know how many body parts to plan on receiving:

Time to get mashing– you only have till 11:59pm on May 24th to make your magic!

UPLOADING your Corpse

When you have finished editing use the uploader below to submit. If everything has gone according to plan, your file should be ~100-300 MB in size.

———-> IMPORTANT: Password is “c0rpse” (with a zero!)<————


Time Left:



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