Arte y Resistencia at PSU–Film Screening and Teach In

Join us for 2 days of films, discussion and teach ins @ Portland State. The B Media Collective has released the first installments of their Art and Resistance series! Day ONE – Monday, November 29th: 1-3pm, SMSU 296 Day TWO – Tuesday, November 30th 7-9pm, SMSU 294 ……——————————————————– The ART AND RESISTANCE Film Series is Read more about Arte y Resistencia at PSU–Film Screening and Teach In[…]

V for Vendetta hacker broadcasts video at Washington State University

University officials, it’s time to clean up your act. Listen to your students once in a while. Some of them know what they’re talking about. And students, stop being so apathetic. When you hear or see something that troubles you make your opinion known. Do something about it. Don’t just sit around and play video games or check your Facebook status.

Visual Report Back from October 9th Global Wave of Action (Against Education Cutbacks)

Here’s a little video that has showed up on the International Student Movement website that chronicles a whole slew of actions against the privatization of education by students around the world. Portland State University is featured at the beginning. Big ups to the peeps in the streets!

Roots of Radical Media @ PSU-May 25+26

Join print, radio and video cooperatives and activists from around Portland this TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY in two full days of free workshops and teach-ins on community media. The goal is to foster discussion on the role of media in community development in Portland, and how we can better stand in solidarity with the communities we Read more about Roots of Radical Media @ PSU-May 25+26[…]