The Global Wave of Action

Everyday we hear new news with the same old story: public institutions, services and safety networks must be reduced, eliminated and privatized while the fatcats receive bank bailouts, Nobel Peace Prizes and the spOILs of WAR. Public education has been no exception. Students seeking affordable (ie free) access to education around the world are facing the grim prospects of being barred from learning as institutions around the world adopt privatization schemes based on the failed policies of neo-liberal dogma. What you may not be hearing in the mainstream news though, is that students are not taking it any longer. In California, in Puerto Rico, in Chile, Germany, India and Nepal (the list is much more extensive than this!) students are holding the administrations and governments responsible for their negligent and deceitful dealings accountable. Here is a video tribute to the global wave of action in response to this hypocrisy from the “International Student Movement” website:

In the spirit of these actions, there will be a rally @ South Park Blocks, Portland State University on OCTOBER 7th 2010 from 10am to 2pm.

Be there.