When The Love Police Come Knocking on Your Door

Charlie Veitch of The Love Police, was one of at least 55 people preemptively arrested or detained by police in the days leading up to the Royal Wedding®.  He was politically targeted for his creative, non-violent, public activism and his adept skill with a bullhorn and arrested at his home in Cambridge, UK. The spurious charges leveled against him are made even more startlingly evident in the video released of his arrest. The strikingly Orwellian demeanor of the camera wielding Metropolitan Police politely “just doing their job” should ring alarm bells for anyone that values free speech, democracy and ability to resist repressive and destructive regimes.

We certainly live in “interesting times” – cameras have become important tools or repression for the state as can be seen by the smart, chest mounted, CCTV cameras worn by these officers in the film above. However, used correctly, a camera in the hands of someone determined to be Free is far more powerful. They cannot stop the truth.

To put this arrest into perspective, here are two more quick vids that create a bit of a diptic between the word on the street and the royal feeding frenzy. Perhaps, if one were to add them together it might be possible to see what a seditious and insanely treasonous group the Love Police are and why the state might not want Charlie’s free-spirit, loose lips and quick wits around to reign on the parade…

So while the cops kick down your doors, the courts accuse you of heresey and thought crimes, as the royal kisses are flying and fast, as the meltdown of reactors and economies continue while the bombs rain down on Libya, just remember that EVERYTHING IS OK.