Day 1: Portland, OR – Missoula, MO

(Thank you for the photos Rolando!)

Miles traveled: 530 miles
People on bus: 25
Number of stops: 3

6 am: Portlanders gathered at Rio’s and stocked up three cars with food and people. We got some awesome Freedom Caravan silkscreens made, and headed out to Olympia:

10:30 am After working all night building a back futon, we cleaned out the bus, loaded up, and figured out how to get comfortable. We’ve got books, music, art supplies, and lots and lots of food.

4 pm: We crossed the Colombia and the day was filled with makeshift sandwich making, naps on bunk beds, conversations about dimensions and oil spills, and spot hopping, everyone figuring out what was most comfortable.

6 pm: We lazed, watched the open land spread out, and eventually watched the stars come out.

1 am: Arrival at the Unitarian church in Missoula, after losing an hour, and everyone crashed on the floor or the bus.

Day 1.

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