May Flies (in late June)

This Monday we spent the day on Bell Isle, an island in the middle of the Red River between Canada and the US. It was a day of celebration for Detroit –apparently, here, they celebrate 4 of July like celebrations early. The day was full of music and barbeques down by the Riverwalk, and there were fireworks in the evening.

We found a quiet part of the Island, near the lightbouse, and spread out to swim and relax. It was mostly successful, except for the appearance of a water snake that sent people running, and Charlotte falling. She cut her toe, and possibly part of a tendon.

Afterwards, Leo, one of the delegates from Venezuela, gathered us all in a circle before getting back on the bus. Since it was the solstice, he wanted to thank the earth and the sun and wind for being here. Gathering in one space was a much needed check in. We spent awhile in the circle, talking about our experiences thus far at the conference, and what we wanted and needed from each other, as well as our hopes for the social forum.

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