Arrival in Style

The Cascadia Freedom Caravan rolled into Michigan in style –with a final stop at Washtenaw Dairy, the best ice cream shop in the state. It was well worth the detour.

Once in Detroit, we set up base camp on Kirby street. We unloaded the bus and found all sorts of discarded books, subersive pamphlets, and almost turning vegetables and loaded them into our two story historic house near Wayne State University. All the houses on the street look like ancient brick mansions –ours is a little run down, but still spacious.

It’s floor space for all, with some people out on the porch, some still on the bus, and everyone else somewhere in between. We’ve inhabited the top kitchen, and collective pieces of “house” started appearing. A whiteboard to write notes on. A cooking sign up sheet. Soap in the bathroom. A makedo wastebasket. It’s fun to watch each person’s consciousness contribute a little bit at a time.

Of note: There’s a gravestone from 1827 in the backyard. And a painted over quote from Hitler about socialists taking over the world by the staircase. If only walls could talk…