Day 4: Fargo, ND – Milwaukee, WI

Miles traveled: 600

Number of computers on bus checking facebook or subversive websites: 10

Number of instruments on bus: 8

6 am –We are actually up and out of Fargo on time! After a lovely, but quick, sleep on the dewey lawn of our hosts from the Unitarian church, we were on the road….and it was foggy. Thick fog lying over the green pastures like settled jetstreams. It was beautiful.

2 pm – First showing of the B Media film on butte, to speaker disfuncion but rousing applause.

3 pm –More dice and poker playing and book reading and nap taking and music playing.

6 pm – We actually arrived on time! The Methodist church in Milwaukee put us up with a nice gathering of folks and a potluck. That night we shared our stories of why we’re going to the forum, played some music, showed a slideshow, and chatted.

11 pm –We get to shower! Larry the caretaker of the church offered us up his shower, and people were excited about the prospects of coffee and breakfast in the morning not slapped together on a moving bus. Decisions were made to get up early the next day and make it to detroit as soon as possible. We spread out in front of the alter in sleeping bags and slept,

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    Wonderful to see you (& hear) & be inspired by your Vision in MIlwaukee…!

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