Day 3: Yellowstone –Fargo, North Dakota

Miles traveled: too many

Number of pages in the bus’s new Backstreet Gazette: 5

Number of donated bagels still uneaten: 150

7 am—Waking up in the natural light with the birds makes getting up earlier easier…sometimes. What really does it is BOGA (it’s yoga, but not) brought to you by Amanda, every morning at a bus stop near you. Amidst hooting and hollaring and jumping, the caravan pieced together it’s tent piece and folded itself on the bus for an early morning start.

11 am—The green flat landscape starts. And doesn’t stop. Ever.

2 pm –Pit stop at the Painted Desert, where coal deposits struck by lighting burn in the earth, creating the orange color that paints stripes across the desert. The gift shop was full of Teddy Roosevelt parafanalia, and not much mention whatsoever about major battles for the land waged by Custer’s army.

4pm –Did I mention the flat green landscape? It’s still here.

1 am—Arrival in Fargo. Greetings by the Unitarian church welcome party, who waited up. Crash and burn.